Washroom Refurbishment

Commercial Washroom Refurbishment

As one of the North West’s premier providers of commercial washroom refurbishments, Spectrum Cubicles holds a distinguished track record in crafting washroom designs that significantly enhance the business environments of a diverse clientele. Our work spans multiple sectors, including retail, hospitality, corporate, and industrial, with a client list that boasts well-known entities such as Center Parcs, Morrisons, The National Trust, and Porsche.

Washrooms are a reflection of your company’s ethos and treatment of staff, guests, and clients. At Spectrum Cubicles, we delve into your company’s brand and values, designing washrooms that not only mirror but also bolster these principles.

If you’re in search of a skilled commercial toilet refurbishment team in the North West, look no further. We promise to deliver exceptional value and designs that will positively shift customer perceptions of your business.

Washroom Designs

The significance of adept commercial washroom design is often underestimated. Thoughtfully designed washrooms leave a lasting impression on both customers and employees.

Our refurbishments have been shown to boost staff morale and productivity, a testament to our belief that the work environment directly influences staff performance.

From minor office toilet upgrades to comprehensive washroom fit-outs, every project is executed to enhance your company’s overall performance and public perception.

Bespoke office toilet

Bespoke Office Toilet Design

Our experience spans a variety of sectors, having created bespoke washroom solutions for clients including North Yorkshire Police, Demon Tweeks, and Wrights Pies. From the first consultation to the final handover, we ensure smooth execution and ongoing communication, delivering a washroom that meets your specific requirements.

Regardless of your industry or the scale of your washroom facilities, we are equipped to provide a tailor-made design or refurbishment that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Our comprehensive service includes not only the design and installation of toilet cubicles, vanity units, and IPS panels but also the complete management of flooring, wall cladding, ceilings, electrics, and plumbing.

UK Toilet Regulations in Commercial Bathroom Design

How Many Toilets Should a Workplace Have?

Regarding workplace toilet requirements, we’re often asked about the legal obligations for workplace toilets. Here are the UK standards:

  • 1-5 People: 1 toilet & 1 washbasin
  • 6-25 People: 2 toilets & 2 washbasins
  • 26-50 People: 3 toilets & 3 washbasins
  • 51-75 People: 4 toilets & 4 washbasins
  • 76-100 People: 5 toilets & 5 washbasins

Men-only facilities have their own standards, for instance:

  • 1-15 Men: 1 toilet & 1 urinal
  • 16-30 Men: 2 toilets & 1 urinal
  • 31-45 Men: 2 toilets & 2 urinals, and so forth.

These guidelines are integral to our designs, ensuring compliance without you needing to manage the specifics.

Bespoke Commercial Washroom Designs

Recognising that each business is unique, we engage in a detailed briefing process to ensure that our custom washroom designs and layouts meet your specific needs. With our deep understanding of materials and regulations, you can be confident that our refurbishments will faithfully represent your business to clients, customers, and staff alike.

From updating tired facilities to completely overhauling the aesthetics and functionality, Spectrum Cubicles offers a comprehensive service that includes the installation of showers, changing cubicles, lockers, and much more. Discover the professionalism of our commercial bathroom installers and the depth of expertise within our team.

Bespoke Commercial Washroom Design

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