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IPS (Integrated Plumbing Systems)

Toilet Panels

IPS panels can be much more than simply a convenient way to conceal pipe work in commercial washroom settings. IPS toilet panels can become a major addition to your washroom by offering both aesthetic and hygiene benefits which can play a vital role in the performance and perception of your company.

As well as commercial toilet wall panels, we have experience in creating bespoke IPS toilet panels for brands in a diverse range of sectors, each with its unique custom requirements. Working closely with you, we can design IPS panel systems that are crafted to achieve the benefits that you seek irrespective of the industry in which you operate.


Spectrawall is our standard IPS range to refresh and elevate any washroom to a high specification.

For the majority of our clients, we recommend this tried, trusted and long lasting system.

Spectrawall IPS panels are edged and polished before being fixed to the frames using clever concealed ‘push-fit/lift-off’ fixing clips. This not only provides aesthetic benefits, but also makes it simpler to replace IPS panels in the future in the event of damage occurring.

The Spectrawall IPS panels can be crafted to fit around any washroom item and designed to produce a look which corresponds with your brand image and wider washroom facilities decor. We can provide our IPS panels as part of a simple refurbishment project or as part of a wider washroom redesign project.


If you operate in the healthcare sector, then we would recommend our advanced Mediwall IPS panels.

These NHS approved IPS Panels are proven to help battle against infection, in addition to providing functionality and speed benefits. Both of these factors are vital in any medical environment. Lockable and hinged fixings are available and the panels can be made to an anti-ligature specification if required.

We have worked with a number of operations within the medical space including Nurture Care, The Countess of Chester Hospital and the new build project Northern Cancer Care Hospital in Carlisle. This shows that we have experience of accommodating the complex requirements of those in the medical industry and producing results which have proven to be of major benefit to their work.

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Fill in a few details below, upload any documents you may have and we will be in touch to give you a detailed quote for your project.