Toilet Cubicles

Spectrum Cubicles has worked on commercial washroom refurbishments for a huge range of customers across a multitude of sectors encompassing commercial, industrial, education and leisure.

Any commercial toilet cubicle play a significant role in influencing how clients, customers and staff perceive a brand and the likelihood of repeat custom. We recognise the importance of this which is why we have built a reputation for excellence in washroom cubicles across the North West.

As leading washroom cubicle manufacturers, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection as we aim to produce facilities for our clients that meet their needs and go beyond their expectations. Encompassing clients with varying requirements and in differing environments, our experience is vast enabling us to have confidence in our ability to deliver commercial toilet cubicles, IPS panels or vanity units for your washroom that are right for your business.

Regardless of whether you are simply looking to refresh the appearance of existing commercial toilet cubicles and vanity units or revamp the entirety of your washrooms, we are more than happy to provide you with a quote for our toilet cubicles online including our services.

What Do Washroom Cubicles Say About Your Company?

Customer perceptions of brands are influenced by each and every touch point that they have. This doesn’t just include their experience with the primary service or product offering, but also with the facilities available which can include the business washrooms.

Commercial toilet cubicles play a significant role in influencing customer perceptions of your washrooms and hence your overall brand. Run down and damaged washroom cubicles and vanity units can portray a very negative brand image, showcasing a company which cares little about providing customer satisfaction.

However, it isn’t just your customers and clients who are influenced by such factors. The bathroom cubicles in washrooms that are available to staff can be equally as impactful, with employees more likely to go above and beyond to deliver for a company that they feel cares about them.

Bespoke Commercial Toilet Cubicles

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have a clear idea of their thoughts and expectations prior to beginning any of our washroom refurbishment projects. This includes projects where we are tasked with just redesigning the commercial toilet cubicles within the facilities.

Just making even a minor change such as this, including amends to your toilet cubicle specification or toilet cubicle sizes, toilet cubicle partitions, or toilet cubicle fittings, can have dramatic consequences for the overall look and feel of your washrooms; potentially playing a significant role in determining how a customer or employee perceives your company.

Just let us know the budget and your requirements, and we will set about delivering bespoke commercial toilet cubicles which are tailored towards the experience that you want to offer.

Construction & Installation

Our team consists of CSCS-accredited operatives and highly experienced designs that have a history of delivering on time, on budget and to the delight of our clients. We are one of the North West’s best office refurbishment companies and know what it takes to create the exact bathroom cubicles that our clients need.

This means that you need only enlist the services of one service provider when planning a project to overhaul your washroom cubicles. We will endeavour to design and build commercial toilet cubicles which meet or exceed your expectations. These can be readily available to view with our toilet cubicle cad block.

Just leave it all to the experts and take your first step today by getting in touch with our friendly team to request more information or to ask for a quote.

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Fill in a few details below, upload any documents you may have and we will be in touch to give you a detailed quote for your project. 

Fill in a few details below, upload any documents you may have and we will be in touch to give you a detailed quote for your project.