Benefits of Auto-Flush Toilet Facilities

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Automatic Flushing Toilets

Auto-flush or self-flushing is a feature available for toilets, sink faucets and urinals, and is an especially useful feature for public bathroom’s as they require less maintenance than standard units. Growing in popularity, automatic bathroom features are becoming commonplace in more-developed countries.

This article outlines some of the benefits of auto-flush facilities and why you should install them in your toilet cubicles.

Improved sanitation

Public restrooms receive much more foot traffic than domestic toilets, meaning that more excrement and urine are deposited. A faulty or subpar flushing system could mean that odours and germs are left lingering in the facilities. This increases the risk of spreading germs that can cause serious illnesses and diseases. Having toilets with automatic flush or auto-flush on urinals (automatic flushing system) ensures that all waste is disposed of quickly and having an automatic faucet means that hands can be washed without touching the faucet surface, so fewer germs are transferred around the room.

More economical

Auto-flush facilities are very reasonably priced and are designed to consume much less water and energy than a traditional unit, this means that, over time, you can pay off the price of the unit and save money in water and supply costs. Furthermore, the reduced need for maintenance and cleaning will save you the cost of wages and repairs, making the initial cost a worthwhile investment.

Prolonged lifespan

Having a hands-free system can prolong the lifespan of your facilities due to less wear and tear and clumsy handling; the fewer people that are touching your facility, the less chance of potential damage. It is common practice for people to use their feet to try and kick the flusher, rather than use their hands, so having an automatic system will cut out this behaviour completely.

Water conservation

Although there has been evidence to the contrary, the main advantage of sensor systems is the reduction in water wastage. The sensors on toilets and urinals are sensitive to movement, flushing when needed. There is usually a timed delay before this process can be activated again, meaning that users can’t re-flush the toilet several times with ease. This is intended to cut down on unnecessary water usage.

Hands-free faucets are also a great water saver; the taps activate and run water for a few seconds before stopping the flow. Again, there is a timed delay on the process re-starting which discourages people from prolonged periods of hand washing. This is also beneficial over older styles of faucets in which the user pushes the tap down to activate and the water runs until the tap automatically releases; these systems are often left running wastefully after the user has finished washing their hands.

Ease of use

Another benefit of a hands-free unit is the ease of use, most notably in young children, the elderly or those with joint or muscle complaints such as arthritis. Older systems can be quite difficult to work, often leading to incomplete flushing; this more modern system eliminates the issue and allows all capabilities to use the facilities with ease.

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