Commercial Bathroom Design Ideas Post COVID-19

The world has been fundamentally altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the average adult now tending to pay much closer attention to hygiene and the potential for bacteria dissemination than was previously the case. There is no room in any workplace more closely associated with germs and bugs than the average public bathroom which tends […]

Benefits of Auto-Flush Toilet Facilities

Automatic Flushing Toilets Auto-flush or self-flushing is a feature available for toilets, sink faucets and urinals, and is an especially useful feature for public bathroom’s as they require less maintenance than standard units. As well as toilets with automatic flush growing in popularity, in general, automatic bathroom features are becoming commonplace in more developed countries. […]

Toilet & Changing Facilities for Sports Halls

Changing Room Interior

Whether you’re looking to build or extend a sports hall, or to update your current toilets and changing rooms, it can be difficult to assess the best layout and amount of facilities you will need. This simple breakdown will help you in your planning. Toilets Locate your toilets close to the foyer for practically and […]

Medical Washrooms Guidelines

Following on from our most recent blog posts which focus on school washroom design and office washroom guidance, this article will highlight the considerations which must be taken into account when designing medical toilets and washrooms to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency. Accessibility According to the ‘Health Building Note 00-01 – General […]

School Washroom Design Considerations (Part 2)

Following on from the first installment of our two-part guide last month, this article will discuss how your choice of cubicles, taps and IPS panels can improve the standards of performance for school toilets. Cubicles According to official guidance which details the standards of performance for school toilets, there are typically three main options when […]

School Washroom Design Considerations


In line with the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, the British government has released a detailed guide to show the standards of performance for school toilets. It’s exceptionally important that premises belonging to the education sector maintain high levels of hygiene so students, teachers and visitors feel totally comfortable using the toilet facilities. […]

Top 5 Creative Shower Rooms

Shower Room Interior

A shower room design must welcome users to cleanse, de-stress and wash away the worries from the outside world. It is the perfect opportunity to get creative and make the most of the space provided, no matter how big or small. This article will serve to describe 5 amazing shower room designs, all of which […]

Lockers: practical AND stylish, can it be done?

Benching and Lockers in Changing Room

Typically, lockers are used for practicality purposes as a means of storage and security and, because of this, many do not realise that this piece of furniture can deliver on style as well as efficiency. Rather than opting for something that will visually complement the rest of the building and create a sense of character, […]

Creating a Contemporary Shower Room for Your Gym

Shower Cubicle Design

Choosing the perfect type of shower cubicle for your commercial property can be a challenging task to fit with both your practical and style requirements. Whether used by staff or by the public, having enclosed showers is vital to maintain both a private and hygienic environment. Whether it be a gym shower cubicle you require […]

Don’t Forget Interior Design When It Comes to Washrooms

Bathroom Vanity Unit

In commercial properties, the toilet facilities are used every day by both employees and visitors and, as such, are a representation of the company’s ethos. In any industry, it is imperative to provide clean, high quality washroom areas that are both functional and stylish. Selecting the perfect bathroom vanity unit will automatically set the tone […]

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