Top 5 Creative Shower Rooms

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A shower room design must welcome users to cleanse, de-stress and wash away the worries from the outside world. It is the perfect opportunity to get creative and make the most of the space provided, no matter how big or small. This article will serve to describe 5 amazing shower room designs, all of which have features that can be applied to your commercial environment.

Narrow Yet Functional

This contemporary design makes excellent use of a narrow space while providing a sleek, professional appearance. The rich mahogany slats create a flowing, minimalist aesthetic for added sophistication and a sense of luxury.

These slats have a dual purpose, as the water generated from the shower trickles through the wooden floor into a large shower pan, concealing any unsightly drains.

Contemporary & Stylish

Ceiling showers are the latest in contemporary shower room design, and this LED light style offers a rather futuristic feel for any modern bathroom.

The composition of cream floor and wall mosaics, naturally shaded quartz tiles and fluorescent water provides an exceptionally stylish and polished design. This can be incorporated into any modern commercial environment as its professional aesthetic, sleek colour scheme and incredible shower head design completely delivers on functionality and style. Employees and visitors will be queuing to try it out!

Italian Chic

This ornate Italian shower room design offers a sense of grandeur while still maintaining a contemporary feel. The earthy elegance of the pebble stone floor in this walk-in shower gives the room a natural aesthetic, bringing the user back to basics with a totally tranquil experience. Further to this, the raised texture of the rustic pebble floor is utilised for its slip-proof qualities which is essential when designing a commercial shower room to ensure all users are completely safe.

The marble-effect tiling gives the room a luxurious and chic appearance, so you’ll know what it really feels like to shower in style! For ultimate convenience, the marble bench provides users with a place to keep their belongings while they shower; a feature which can be incorporated into any shower room design.

Sea Breeze

The bold scaled wall in this shower room evokes feelings of relaxing in the turquoise ocean while giving the room a splash of colour for a unique finish.

The ceiling mounted shower rose is a subtle, elegant detail, allowing the statement wall to become the focal point of the room.

The wooden floor covers any drainage systems, providing a sleek, professional appearance while still allowing the water from the shower to trickle through the slats.

Back To Nature

This stripped-back design offers an ‘outdoors’ theme, taking the user back to nature in the comfort of a building.

The use of shelves in this shower room provides a place for users to keep their belonging safe and dry; a feature which works exceptionally well in any commercial environment.

The built-in seating area allows all users to feel completely comfortable during their showering experience, giving them the choice to sit down if they wish. This is ideal for leisure and medical sectors, where employees and customers will be of varying ages and capabilities.

Spectrum Cubicles

Here at Spectrum Cubicles, we know how important it is to choose the perfect shower cubicle design which fits with the requirements of the building. Whether for public or staff use, having enclosed showers is essential for a private, hygienic environment. Our skilled technicians and engineers have the knowledge and skills to design and install an extensive range of cubicles, maintaining high standards of care and efficiency every step of the project.

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