Medical Washrooms Guidelines

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Following on from our most recent blog posts which focus on school washroom design and office washroom guidance, this article will highlight the considerations which must be taken into account when designing medical toilets and washrooms to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency.


According to the ‘Health Building Note 00-01 – General design guidance for healthcare buildings’ official documentation released by the Department of Health, evidence shows that a very large number of falls suffered by those in domestic, resident and hospital environments occur on the journey between the bed and the bathroom/toilet, especially during the night. This is a major consideration during the design process as it proves how important it is to have something to hold on to when walking into and round the room. It also shows that space must be left for patients to be assisted, incorporating enough room for hoists if required. Similarly, it’s helpful to situate the toilets where they are needed most, making sure there are obvious signs for gender segregation and that they are accessible to everyone with sufficient seating for carers, partners or children waiting outside.

According to official guidance, it is also worth considering automatic movement-detected lighting to ensure the route in and around the room is clearly visible.


Medical washrooms must be the epitome of cleanliness to ensure exceptional hygiene levels for those who need it most. Patients in particular will feel much better about themselves if they are using washroom facilities which are well looked after and clean. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate materials which can be easily cleaned and maintained, using finishes which are of a high standard for durability and regular cleaning.

Plants and fresh flowers will be a welcome distraction from nasty odours and smells in washrooms, as well as proving to be a great way of brightening up the room.

Colour scheme

An aesthetically pleasing washroom is extremely important for a medical premises to ensure it conveys a welcoming, light and hygienic look. In terms of colour and tone, a warmer hue would make patients feel comfortable and confident using the facilities.

It’s important to note that all sanitaryware equipment must contrast with the background colour so it can clearly stand out for visually impaired people, allowing them to use the facilities with ease.

Spectrum Cubicles

Here at Spectrum Cubicles we remain fully compliant with the exact needs of our customers and those who will be using their washrooms. Therefore, we offer clean, high quality washroom facilities which promise to adhere to the requirements of the medical industry. Our installations include:

We understand that the primary aim of a washroom is functionality, with the need to present a clean, modern image; in particular, IPS panels are a fresh, hygienic addition to any washroom. Our Mediwall design is an NHS-approved IPS system which not only helps in the battle against infection, but also guarantees excellent operation and speed, all of which are crucial for medical or hospital environments.

To learn more about how your medical premises can benefit from our expert services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today – we promise efficiency, reliability, flexibility and quality in every project.

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