Commercial Bathroom Design Ideas Post COVID-19

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The world has been fundamentally altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the average adult now tending to pay much closer attention to hygiene and the potential for bacteria dissemination than was previously the case.

There is no room in any workplace more closely associated with germs and bugs than the average public bathroom which tends to be a natural breeding ground for these threats to wellbeing. This is leading to an increasing number of businesses beginning to rethink commercial bathroom and toilet facilities to ensure that they are adequately prepared to face the challenges brought about by the new world.

So, as businesses begin to make preparations for the return to the workplace, we thought that it might be helpful to provide you with some helpful commercial bathroom design ideas which will help to improve perceived and actual levels of hygiene in the washroom facilities that you provide.


Automatic Flushing Toilets

How many of us have done our utmost to avoid physically touching a toilet flusher with our bare skin after using the facilities?

Fingers covered in tissue and awkward elbow to flusher contact are two of the most common methods resorted to by those of us who are concerned about the potential for germ dissemination.

That is why an increasing number of businesses are now beginning to make an active effort to ensure that their employees and customers do not have to face such hardships whenever they use their commercial toilet facilities.

An obvious answer to this problem is automatic flushing toilets. Most of these work with sensors which pick up hand movement whenever we are ready to flush away our waste. These may prove more costly than traditional handle flushers, but could well pay you back in the long run when you consider the potential for a reduction in the number of sick days on account of employee illness stemming from germs being spread via such surfaces.


NHS Approved IPS Panels

Another common concern is the potential for germ dissemination stemming from the actual toilet flushes themselves, which still exists even with the addition of automatic flushers.

A potential solution to this are our NHS approved Mediwall IPS panels. These are proven to provide protection against infection and comply with NHS Estate Guidelines and HTM 68 panel specifications.

Firstly our Mediwall solution is designed to be far less prone to delaminating than conventional IPS panels so that they can be easily cleaned without the risk of causing damage. Not only does this improve their lifespan of the product, but it also ensures that there is no chance of bacteria accumulating in damp areas of the surface which have been damaged by the washing process.

In addition to this, the Mediwall IPS panels come with specially designed lockable and hinged fixing options to reduce the potential for small crevices which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This is also ensured by the fact that we have designed our Mediwall IPS panels to follow a floor-to-panel specification.


Paper Towels

Sometimes it is the simple commercial bathroom ideas which will prove to be the most effective, and here is an example where this may well be the case.

Hand dryers have long been associated with the potential for germ dissemination across a washroom which can be somewhat counterproductive when it comes to the reason for you washing your hands in the first place!

A simple solution to this problem is to provide disposable paper towel dispensers alongside washbasins. This will help to reduce the propensity for germs to be spread but does come with on-going maintenance drawbacks as waste paper towel supplies will need to be continuously replenished.


Touch Free Experience

We’ve already covered automatic flushing toilets, but there are still plenty of common contact points that public toilet users have to face. Cubicle doors, washbasin taps and even the exit door are all potential sources of bacteria which can prove harmful to human health.

Many post COVID-19 commercial bathroom design ideas therefore revolve around clever systems to eliminate these common touch points with automatic opening doors, taps and even cubicle doors all potential options depending upon the budget you have available.

Here at Spectrum Cubicles, we are able to equip your commercial bathroom facilities with sensor operated taps and soap dispensers in addition to our sensor operated toilet flushers to help you create a completely touch free experience.


Adapt to the New Normal

This is just a short selection of the many commercial bathroom design ideas we have formulated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business adapt to the “new normal”, then feel free to drop us a message online or call us on 01244 333 488.

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