School Washroom Regulations: Explained

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Ofsted Toilet Requirements 

The importance of hygienic, private washrooms for persons of all ages cannot be overstated. From school children to office workers, everyone deserves a sanitary facility that they can use without anxiety.

The Secretary of State for Education released school regulations in 2012 that dictate the standards facilities should now adhere to, and outline everything you must install in order to be in line with the set regulations.

At Spectrum Cubicles, we successfully achieve the balance between style and practicality at all times, ensuring your facilities are in line with all legal requirements whilst maintaining a great design. Whether you’re simply improving your school’s washrooms, or undertaking a complete refurbishment, take a look at the regulations your school washroom facilities must meet:

  • Suitable toilet and washing facilities for the sole use of pupils must be provided.
  • Separate facilities for boys and girls aged 8 and over must be installed, except for units that can be locked from the inside and are intended for use by one pupil at a time.
  • Disabled facilities must be provided, but may also be used by other pupils, teachers, and visitors.
  • Showers in schools and suitable changing rooms should be provided for pupils aged 11 and over who receive physical education.
  • Facilities must be maintained to a standard that is deemed as reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of pupils.
  • Acoustics and sound insulation must be suitable with regard to the nature of activities which normally take place in any room.
  • Toilets must have an adequate supply of cold water, and washing facilities must have adequate supply of hot and cold water.
  • Hot water must not pose a scalding threat to anyone using it.
  • Drinking facilities must be provided, in a separate area from the toilets.

Most people will recall the anxiety they felt about post-PE class showers, and a study in 2015 seems to confirm that these fears still exists. Whilst older school washroom facilities often recall memories of shower blocks with minimal privacy and cold water, the regulations in place since 2012 demand a satisfactory standard.

However, the study found that more than half of secondary school boys, and two-thirds of girls avoid showering after PE at school, leading them to hold back on exerting themselves when taking part in sports due to increased anxiety about having to shower. A correlation was also found between those who did not shower, and the ‘less fit’ boys and girls.

Ensuring the facilities in your school are up to a high standard, with hygienic facilities and privacy considered top priorities, will help your students feel more comfortable, encouraging greater participation in sports when they know there are quality facilities to use afterwards.

There are helpful articles to help you in your knowledge Ofsted toilet requirements, such as the government’s advice on standards for school premises. Spectrum however is always up-to-date with the latest developments and guidelines so don’t hesitate to seek help from our friendly team.

At Spectrum Cubicles, we provide a range of washroom refurbishment services suitable for schools and nurseries. To view our children’s cubicles options, simply contact a member of our team.

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